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I was carsick on the internet.
hyenafan asked: Jhonen, I just want to thank you for making Devi. I've been looking for a female character that I relate to since I was little. I always liked characters like Buttercup or Spinelli, but they never quite clicked with me. Devi is just perfect. She seems like a person rather than someone going "What do women like/do?" Anyone else would have had Tenna try to get Devi to go out by taking her shopping or something. You didn't. So thanks.



Hey, thanks. Not sure she started out as such a great idea, though. Hell, initially the gag was that she was going to be this character, kind of like Squee, who was just a focus for terrible life-events, only specifically dating events.

Seriously, a female character defined by her disastrous interactions with guys, ya know? Now, it’s not like people like that don’t exist but I didn’t exactly want to be doing that kinda thing by the time I Feel Sick Came around. There’s still a bit of that bad date stuff in there, but I hope that it doesn’t color the character as being one note in that way. Ultimately I Feel Sick was just me having fun with a far more confident, more badass kind of fuckup than Johnny’s kind of fuckup. 

Johnny was more of a joke on people who think they know everything and deal with being treated like shit by only becoming more shit, and even worse, god-like, untouchable, pretentious shit. Devi was just a bit more grounded while hopefully not being boring. I think it’s easy to WANT to be Johnny, superficially anyhow, but Devi was probably the more realistic option, or at least slightly less absurd.

I always like when people say I Feel Sick is their favorite work of mine, and it’s always a little funny when they tell me I wrote a cool female character. It’s funny because I sure as hell wasn’t even trying to convincingly portray any kind of female experience so much as just write a character I’d like. She’s just another way of telling a condensed version of a situation Johnny probably went through, with a slightly happier outcome. 


o yea the 90s. the 90s were great. fuckin sick. raw as hell. learning how to speak. crying for no reason. shitting in my diaper

Sounds like my 2010s, really.

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Anatomy of an Angel by Damien Hirst 

The classically posed Carrara marble figure is based on Alfred Boucher’s sculpture ‘L’Hirondelle’ (1920). In Hirst’s version, cross-sections of her body show the anatomical structure beneath the skin, revealing she is human after all.

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